Physiotherapists: Get an accurate picture of your patients' lives!


Seeking feedback before adding new feature!

New feature we plan to add: Patient report visualization:

We aim to adapt MyAIGuide to enable physiotherapists to visualize their patients' data and get an objective and detailed yet concise picture of their patients' lives in-between sessions.

Before creating these new features to adapt MyAIGuide, we would like to get some feedback from physiotherapists.

If you are a physiotherapist, please take 30 seconds to complete the following survey:


MyAIGuide enables patients to explore their health data

As can be seen from the front page of this website, MyAIGuide has been developed to enable people with lower-extremity (knee, ankle, foot, hip, etc...) repetitive strain injuries and overuse injuries to collect health data about themselves and to explore the data they collect.

MyAIGuide is also an open-source project and with participants' consent, the data collected has been used for scientific research purposes, as can be seen in our recent open access pre-print science publication!

Opportunity / Problem

Opportunity for physiotherapists to better understand their patients

Lack of professional guidance on MyAIGuide

1 - Physiotherapists might be able to provide even better care to patients if they were able to get an objective and detailed yet concise picture of their patients' lives in-between physiotherapy sessions (for example: how much exercise they are doing, how much pain they are experiencing, how their sleep is, etc...)

2 - Patients would be able to much more efficiently take advantage of the data they collect if they were guided by a healthcare professional such as a physiotherapist.


Enabling physiotherapists to see the data that their patients collect on MyAIGuide

We aim to adapt MyAIGuide in order for physiotherapists to see the data that their patients collect on MyAIGuide (if their patients decide to use the web app).

In other words, patients would see their data from the web app; but with the patients' consent, physiotherapists could also see their patients' data through the web app. This way, physiotherapists could get a better idea of their patients' lives throughout the period of time they would be taking care of them.

Concrete real-life use cases examples

Example 1: Patient trying to regain mobility after knee surgery

Physiotherapy sessions are often required after knee surgeries to regain mobility and strength. To make sure that patients are able to start moving more in their day to day life without increasing pain or symptoms, physiotherapists could use the newly generated MyAIGuide reports.

Example 2: Patient with overuse knee injury making questionable exercise choices

It is often an excess of exercise that will cause patients to develop overuse knee injuries. In addition to physiotherapy sessions, a patient with overuse injuries will often need to make wise choices regarding exercise levels. In addition to providing the required physiotherapy sessions, a physiotherapist could keep an eye on the newly generated MyAIGuide reports to make sure that the patient is not making bad decisions regarding exercise levels.

Example 3: Patient lying, shy, or unaware of poor life choices/circumstances

In some cases, a patient may have unobvious/hidden issues slowing down recovery: this could be, for example, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, unwise self-medication, depression, family/social/work issues, excessive or insufficient physical exercise, poor sleep, etc... The patient may be too shy to speak about those issues to the physiotherapist face to face but wouldn't mind entering that information into an app, which the physiotherapist would then be made aware of. In the case of excessive physical exercise or poor sleep, the patient may be unaware of the situation but a fitness tracker would most often record objective data that the physiotherapist would then see.

Call for action

Looking for feedback and/or support from physiotherapists

We are looking for physiotherapist's feedback and/or support on this idea before potentially starting the development of those new features. Please contact us at: or take 30 seconds to complete the survey below: