Tracking Tips

Exercise tracking tips

Tip 1: Fitness trackers such as Fitbit are more expensive than the Google Fit App and the MobileTrack App, but they should provide better results. For even better results, you can also use both a Fitbit and an app: Google Fit or MobileTrack.

Tip 2: We recommend wearing fitness trackers on the ankle instead of the wrist to improve accuracy. We also recommend taking off trackers while sitting for long periods of time in order to give your skin some rest.

Symptoms tracking tips

Tip 1: We recommend setting the quick log link as a bookmark on your computer and/or your phone.

Tip 2: If you don't log your pain, we will consider it to be the same as the previous day.

Tip 3: If you forgot to log your pain, you can always go to the symptoms section in your account, and add it afterwards.

Alternative method for the symptoms tracking

If you don't like the previous method to log your pain, you can use the following one instead of or in combination with the previous one: Create a spreadsheet and enter your daily pain every evening.

Rate your pain from 0 to 10 using the following scale:

<2 : almost imperceivable most of the time
2 to 2.9 : not too bad, but can still "feel" it
3 to 3.4 : uncomfortable (3.4 is seriously uncomfortable)
3.5 to 3.9 : very uncomfortable almost painful
4.0 to 5.0 : painful
greater than 5.0 : very painful

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Optional hard-core tracking

If this is not enough for you and you just can't wait to do more tracking even if it gets a little more complicated, consider reading this: Hard-core self tracking.